A time for new adventures…

I’ve decided in the last few weeks to start trying to do new things.

I haven’t had much time to work on designing/actually cross stitching anything due to my current status as a wife/mom/full-time college student.  Crafts for some reason are something I can whip up quickly to release energy…especially during the summer when I’m having some downtime from the mandatory art projects/deadlines.

My college plans have changed somewhat and I’m very seriously planning to pursue a visual studies major(get certified to teach art) instead of studio art and get that minor in Spanish I talk about, which I can get certified in too.  :-)

I feel that these changes will be more beneficial for me and my family, plus I can still paint/sew/craft whenever I feel the need…which is like almost always.  I’ve discovered that if I don’t have a desire to create something, then there’s something weighing me down.

I’ve got more pix to upload/actually take, then upload, so I’ll try to be more diligent in sharing.

I’ve created a new facebook page:  www.facebook.com/artofWendiC that I think will better reflect me.  :-)  I’ll be phasing out the Coat Closet Designs stuff, slowly, so don’t freak out.

Talk again soon.

Why I do what I do at Coat Closet Designs…

Just want to share my reasons for attempting to sell my xstitch bookmarks…in no particular order:

 1) Want to provide a unique gift idea for others

2) Practice new techniques based on YOUR ideas

3) Utilize the skills God has given me

4) Earn some much needed extra funds for my family

I’m not opposed to working(as its been suggested to me by others)…its just that right now I NEED the flexibility to work around the our family’s schedule. I don’t want to get something for nothing…meaning, I want to earn any funds I receive, which is why I offer the bookmarks(quick turnabout).

I pray daily for God to provide for our needs and am praying that this could be a way for Him.

The bookmarks are $15 each and 2x8in. I suggest because it is such a small area, names/simple designs(borders, etc.).

Summer’s here…

and I’m not sure what to do with it.  :-)

School’s out for all of us, so I do have some “free” time.  Just having a hard time getting motivated to do…anything really.  Not sure what’s wrong w/me.

I have started stitching a premade kit of embroidery and playing with that.  My satin stitches look OK IMHO.

I have plans to experiment with the oil painting on aida and have some primed and ready to go.  Just waiting on inspiration to hit for a good project.

I’ll try to post some pix of the embroidery once I’m done…may be soon with as fast as I’m getting it done.

Mid-March musings…

Been a busy 3 months since my last post…hope no one is getting tired of that line.  Its the only explanation I have for not posting more regularly.

School is good & apparently keeping me VERY occupied.  I have a new job…working at the Texas Tech University School of Art’s Landmark Gallery as a student assistant!!  :-)

No stitchin’s been going on, but ideas are abounding inside my head.  Inspiration has hit (thank you, Oil Painting) to try priming my aida cloth, painting on it w/oil paint, then stitching accents, etc.  I plan to try this out come summer when I have a bit more “free” time.

Don’t forget that you can purchase xstitch charts at www.patternsonline.com.  Just search for Coat Closet Designs!!


Well….its pretty apparent that I’ve been busy since my last post…IN FEBRUARY!! :-}

I haven’t had much time for any stitching obviously. Been extremely consumed with doing the college thing, plus family.

I have designed 2 new charts: Black & White Whimsy~available at http://www.patternsonline.com & Linear Garden~which I haven’t posted yet, since I’m still trying to make sure stitchers won’t have issues working it. :-)

Still getting inspiration from my coursework, so I hope once I have some “free time” I can try some of them out. I have set up, yet another, site where I can showcase my art & cross stitch projects, http://www.behance.net/coatclosetdesigns. Go check it out!!

Hope to hear from ya’ll soon.

Stitchin’ to keep warm this Feb…

Well, been busy the last few weeks-school for the kids has started & mine too, so needless to say, not alot of stitchin’s been going on.  :-)

I did finish a project for a friend of my son, but forgot to take a pic.  Sorry ya’ll.  I stitched “J C D C” (Jesus Christ Disciple Crew) on a bandana and had it look like an ACDC cover.  I’ll try to get a pic soon.  I think it turned out pretty good.

I had inspiration hit during my drawing class a week/two ago, so had to jump on it!!  I bought an apron to keep my clothes clean-working w/charcoal & ink and thought it would be cool to add something to it.  And w/o further ado…

Hoping to get some of my xstitch charts printed out and sell them at the Texas Tech School of Art Show in March.  Keep your fingers crossed!!

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